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Thinking about moving your child out of your bed? There are lots of reasons parents become ready to make this change, but I would not recommend it if your child is going through any other changes, like potty training, giving up the pacifier, starting school, etc. If there aren’t any changes occurring right now and you are ready to have her sleep in her own room, follow these steps:

1. Offer and encourage a security object or lovey if your child doesn’t already have one.

2. You can try to have your child sleep in a separate sleep space in your room (crib, Pack and Play, mattress on the floor, etc.) for a few nights or so.

3. Spend about a week playing in your child’s room during the day to help her feel comfortable and safe there.

4. One parent should spend three nights (and three nights only!) sleeping in your child’s room, while you continue to help her sleep the way you always have.

5. After spending three nights sleeping in her room, it’s time to begin your sleep plan. If you need help with a step-by-step plan to discuss exactly HOW to teach your child to sleep independently through the night, contact me.