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Coaching Services


The Consultation Process

  • Once you have scheduled a consultation, I will send an email to you with an electronic Sleep History Form to fill out and return before the consultation. This intake form gives me details about your child’s medical, developmental and sleep history and will include information about your overall sleep goals.
  • I will use these details to create a 100% customized, step-by-step sleep coaching plan tailored to your family’s unique circumstances, including your child’s age, developmental stage, and temperament, as well as your parenting philosophy and values. Every family is different and so is every plan.
  • We will discuss this plan during the consultation where I will focus on factors such as your child’s sleep environment, the schedule, bedtime routine, how to handle bedtime and night wakings. We will also discuss naps, if you are ready to nap train as well. You get to choose the method of sleep training that you are most comfortable with and I will discuss how to implement that method in detail.

The Consultation Options

* clients can purchase follow up calls individually at any time and they are $25 each
* if you have more than 2 children to discuss, it is $50 for each additional child

Tara is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach
Tara is a Certified Sleep Advisor