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I am extremely satisfied with my services from Tara. I had no idea where to even start. She helped me come up with a schedule for my baby’s whole day. We went from nursing 3 times though the night and co-sleeping to sleeping all night the very next night. She’s been sleeping all night since. I didn’t realize how simple it could really be. It’s crazy how small changes really changed our quality of sleep! Thank you again to Tara! I’ll continue to recommend you to our friends!


Tulsa, OK

I just wanted to thank Tara for all the advice! Our son was almost 9 months and started getting up every 2 hours to nurse. We are now excited to say he has been sleeping through the night for over a month now and napping for everyone in his crib without any trouble!!! It was a tough week during sleep training but your words helped us make it through and are SO GLAD WE STUCK IT OUT!! So thank you sooo much for all you do! We now have such a good sleeper!


Tulsa, OK

My 2 year old was up multiple times at night, sometimes staying awake for hours at a time and then would wake early (5ish) for the day. After working with Tara, and for the first time since my son was 8 months old, I can say he is a good sleeper! We are finally getting solid sleep and it is amazing. Why didn’t I call her sooner?!? Best money spent in a long time. Thank you Tara!


Tulsa, OK

Tara’s guidance changed our lives! When my son was 6 months old, he was still sleeping in a swing and actually started waking up more frequently at night.  He would wake up every 1-2 hours, take a little bit of a bottle, then go back to sleep.  We had tried starting a bedtime routine, with dinner and bath, but it wasn’t working.  We got to a point where one of us would hold him in the recliner, and the other would go and get the bottles every 1-2 hours.  We finally realized it was time for some help and found Tara.  With her initial intake and evaluation, she was able to customize a plan for us to help our son start sleeping in his crib, and then wean off the night feedings.  My husband had to do most of the initial work because I couldn’t even handle 10 minutes of crying, but within a week he was crying very little, and sleeping in his crib.  The next week we weaned him from his night bottle, and he did fine. He now goes to bed easily, IN HIS CRIB, and sleeps through the night! It is absolutely amazing! We could not have done it without Tara’s guidance and instruction!

Dr. Seavey

Edmond, OK

When I contacted Tara, my daughter’s bedtime was a nightmare. I had to lay in bed with her every night so she would go to sleep. I would get up after she was asleep but she would wake up every couple of hours and scream for me to come upstairs and lay with her. Tara helped her learn to fall asleep on her own which was a miracle! Bedtime has become so much easier at our house now and is not a battle like it used to be. My daughter’s attitude at home and at school has improved tremendously now that she is getting a full night’s sleep. I am very thankful for all the numerous tips Tara provided at our sleep consultation as well as the accountability the calls provided. I knew I could not lay down with my daughter when Tara was calling the next morning to see how it went! Thank you Tara!


Tulsa, OK

I read at least 5 books on sleep theory before I called Tara. My husband and I were exhausted and at our wits’ end because our 6 month old was still waking up twice at night and taking only 30 minute naps.  Tara helped us figure out the sleep signs so we could get our son on a proper schedule. It took awhile, but at 12 months, he naps 3-4 hours per day and sleeps a full 12 hours at night! It’s amazing. More than anything, Tara helped give us confidence in our son and answer questions not addressed in a book. She was a real life saver!


Tulsa, OK

I had read a few sleep books and tried the Cry-it-out method when my son was 4 months old. Our child went through an extremely fussy/colicky period as a newborn so I was emotionally exhausted by the time he turned 6 months old. He would not take a nap longer than 30 minutes. He was obviously overtired and I could not hold him all day to help him take longer naps like I did when he was a newborn. Tara told me I could wean my son from nursing at night with my doctor’s approval and that she could help me develop a plan that was specific to my child’s temperament using a gentle approach. It only took a few days to wean him from nursing at night!!! It also only took a week to get him to take longer naps and he now sleeps the recommended amount of 3 hours per day! It did require some crying but nothing like before.  Anyone close to me knows our child is highly alert and tends to hide his sleepy cues. My mother has eight children and never knew a baby that disliked sleep like our son. This says a lot about Tara at Tulsa Pediatric Sleep Consulting. I’m now a well-rested mommy who can better care for her child!


Moore, OK

We are so happy we found Tara! Our son had never slept through the night at 21 months, waking every couple of hours and (even more tiring) taking up to three hours to fall asleep with a seriously involved process of settling down. After two weeks of implementing Tara’s recommendations and receiving her support, he started sleeping through the night and has been for over two months now! We tried other methods but couldn’t get behind anything to implement consistently. We found ourselves too tired to even come up with a plan. Tara was so thorough in considering our whole lifestyle and his entire routine that we quickly came up with a plan that we could stick with! Her calls of support were instrumental for me remaining consistent, the key to our success. We didn’t believe it was possible to gently train him to sleep… I felt it was my duty to put him to sleep instead of helping him learn how to do it himself. We were so surprised at how quickly he learned and came to appreciate what we were doing and after two weeks he was going to bed with a kiss and a smile. I highly recommend Tulsa Pediatric Sleep Consulting for anyone struggling to help your child sleep. Best investment I ever made.


Tulsa, OK

After changing just a few of our sleep techniques and adding some wonderful tips from Tara, my son was sleeping through the night within a few days and without crying it out!!


Jenks, OK

Being the parents of twins, a full night’s sleep never seemed like a possibility. Within weeks of working with Tara, both of our sons were sleeping through the night in the same the room! Tara’s advice and support gave us the confidence we needed to stick with a plan and a schedule. Nap time was particularly challenging with two babies and Tara’s guidance helped us get them on the same nap schedule and brought structure back to our daily routine.


Overland Park, KS

My daughter used to wake several times at night, but after a couple of weeks of sleep training, she now sleeps soundly through the night! I’m so grateful that Tara helped us out! She’s genius!


Tulsa, OK

Working with Tara has really been a life changing experience for our family. At 7 months old, my son was still waking 2 or more times during the night. After implementing Tara’s sleep plan, he is now consistently sleeping through the night! I am so thankful that we found Tara, and only wish that I had contacted her sooner.


Tulsa, OK

I just want to thank you for everything. You were so kind and patient with a very sleep deprived and worried mama. Thank you for taking the time to look into her medical condition and putting us at ease. Our lives have changed so much for the better! She was actually more calm when we started sleep training than we expected and it was so reassuring to have a plan. She didn’t even cry the second night when we put her in her crib. Amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!


Jenks, OK

Our 9-month-old daughter has been a terrible sleeper since birth. We kept waiting it out thinking eventually she would start sleeping better but after 9 months of no sleep we were in desperate need of help. Tara came and helped us get her on a better schedule, which led to better sleep and also her sleeping through the night! Not only is she a happier baby but mommy is thankful for the uninterrupted hours of sleep too!


Tulsa, OK

Tara changed our lives! Our almost 6 year old had struggled with sleeping through the night since he was an infant, and we thought we had tried everything to help him sleep. Then we met Tara, and within 3 weeks of working with her, he was sleeping through the night and has been ever since. We are forever grateful for her help, and would recommend her to anyone who has a child with sleep problems!


Broken Arrow, OK

Not only did Tara give me great tips and ideas, she gave me the confidence to stick with a plan to help my boys become better sleepers. Nap time is BACK!


Durango, CO

My daughter was 15 months old and still not sleeping through the night.  I was in tears most days wondering if and when I would ever get a full night’s sleep again.  It was just by chance that my friend had been given Tara’s card and handed it over to me one afternoon after yet another sleepless night.  I called immediately and it was the best thing I could have ever done.  Within one week of meeting with Tara our nights had improved, but after 2-3 weeks our lives had changed.  My daughter, now 20 months old, sleeps from 8 pm to 7 am regularly.  The best part though is that if she does happen to wake in the night (though it’s rare) I know how to handle it, and handle it quickly.  I tell everyone about my experience with sleep counseling.  My daughter is a different person now that she is sleeping, and probably so am I.  Thank you Tara!  I only wish we would have found you sooner!


Tulsa, OK

I contacted Tara when my LO was 8 months. She would not sleep through the night or take naps very well. I’m so glad that I had Tara’s help. Two days after she came my LO was sleeping through the night and taking two naps a day.


Tulsa OK

After following Tulsa Pediatric Sleep Consulting on Facebook for months, as well as attending a live class, we made the decision to sleep train our son once he turned six months old. He has always had a very spirited and “high needs” temperament so it was refreshing to follow Tara’s gentle approach, as a cry-it-out method simply would not be effective with him. He was erratically waking during the night and very early in the morning. With a few changes, he was consistently sleeping through the night in about 10 days, and SO WERE WE! Tara took everything into account from any potential health concerns to the fact that he would be starting daycare soon. We valued the individualized approach & my husband stated it best when he said “this was the best money we’ve ever spent!


Tulsa, OK

Thank you, thank you Tara for your listening ear, your reassuring words and all of your baby sleep wisdom! You truly took our son, our situation, and our requests to heart before helping us come up with a plan to help him sleep through the night! (He was waking anywhere from 1-6 times a night.) With just a few suggested changes….he was sleeping through the night and taking longer naps within a week! You have helped us all get some much needed rest!!


Tulsa, OK

My husband just woke up this morning (after us all sleeping through the night) and said “why did we suffer for so long!” It really is remarkable what a difference your instruction made, and we appreciate that you worked WITH us to develop a plan rather than TOLD us what to do without our input and agreement.We really appreciated that and it speaks to your expertise. She has slept better than ever. She sleeps from about 7pm (or earlier) to at least 6am, and her naps are even getting more consistent and lengthy. Thank you for getting us on track and helping us believe that a good nights sleep for everyone was achievable!


Osage City, KS

Our daughter is happier than ever and the rest is definitely helping everyone feel better than before. Thank you so much for all your help! My only regret is that we waited so long to contact you.


Tulsa, OK

Tara has given us the tools we’ve been looking for to get our 9 month old to sleep. We struggled with naps and sleeping through the night since day one. She was so kind to come to our home, and thoroughly go through each detail. We now have the tools to get our little guy to sleep well. He’s been sleeping through the night and doing so much better napping! We are all loving the adequate rest. Thank you for all the support Tara!!!


Tulsa, OK

Tara is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach
Tara is a Certified Sleep Advisor